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To be considered for membership into this cooperative please email with your request (Christy@DesignsWithChristy.com). 
Cost for membership into the Designs Hosting Coop is an annual fee of $40.00.  Below is a listing of the policies of this cooperation and a listing of the support you will receive for your $40.00 fee.  This price has not changed since 2007.  Any violation of these policies may result in removal from the site.  

Site listing last updated 05/15/2011

Member Policies

  1. Use only graphics belonging to you.

  2. Graphic sizes should be under 125k (if you need help doing this then ask Christy@DesignsWithChristy.com).

  3. In order to maximize server space larger graphics may be reduced without notice.  

  4. Ensure that unused graphics are removed from the server.  This service is not intended as storage for your images.  If you need image storage, let us know, it can be arranged.

  5. www.DesignsHostingCoop.com is a cooperative WEB share hosting and is not responsible or endorsing the content or business practices of the sites hosted here.


  1. Six 25mg email accounts - more can be made available on an as needed basis.  These are accounts that can be accessed though an online interface or downloaded (Outlook, Outlook Express or iDevices).

  2. FrontPage is the preferred editor for this site. When using FrontPage, multiple editing login's are available so you can assign alternate site authors.

  3. FPT account can be provided if the user prefers to edit on their local system and upload to the site. 

  4. Affordable, Ad free, space with unlimited bandwidth.

Additional Negotiated Cost Support
Contact Christy@DesignsWithChristy.com

  1. Additional labor, over the included time, is $35 per hour.    

  2. Domain names can be purchased (cost can vary, but is generally about $10 to $15 a year).  We configure those domain names so your co-op site appears to be independent.  For instance, www.Tattoo-a-Pet.com is a part of this co-op.

  3. New site design, site re-design and graphic design.  I design sites under www.DesignsWithChristy.com.  You can see examples of my work there.  My development fees are $35 per hour.  Site and graphic design varies depending on complexity and depth.  A basic 4-5 page site with simple graphics will run about 10-20 hours of creation time.  Deep sites with complex images, such as BeaverCreek Pomeranians can easily run into 50 or more hours (graphic and site design).  Animated images take more time to design and create, and will have a greater cost.



NO ONE has permission to copy any of the images from this site.
All graphics show on this site are designed by me and are copyright.

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